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Woodridge (Steenrod Residence)

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Woodridge (Steenrod Residence)

Built in approximately 1830, Woodridge was part of a government grant to Capt. John Mills. Daniel Steenrod bought the ground and later it was inherited by Mrs. Platoff Zane, née Margaret Steenrod. 


▶ 1308 Steenrod Ave.



Additional Resources

▶ Archival Collection: Harry Hamm Papers, OCPL Archives, non-circulating, must make an appointment to view collection.
▶ Steenrod Family History, compiled by Donald G. DuBois, 1995-2009. Wheeling Room, non-circulating, ask for access at Reference Desk. Call#: Wheeling 929.2 St32d v.1, Wheeling 929.2 St32d v.2

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