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Wheeling Spoken History Project

In April, 1994, Carrie and Michael Nobel Kline were awarded a contract to conduct Wheeling's Ethnographic Survey. Over the course of the next year and a half, the Klines conducted more than 150 interviews, launching "The Wheeling Spoken History Project." ▶ Read more about the origins of the Wheeling Spoken History Project

Transcripts from a few select interviews from the extensive collection can be accessed below.

A full list of all interviews conducted, as well as a comprehensive overview of all the work conducted by the Klines for the Wheeling Spoken History Project, can be found at http://www.folktalk.org/ 
▶ View full list of interviews conducted by Carrie and Michael Kline (pdf)
▶ View the comprehensive overview of the entire project at folktalk.org 

Copies of "As They Say in Wheeling, West Virginia: a conversational trip into the city's cultural, industrial and underworld past" and "Wheeling's spoken history: an interim report on the Wheeling cultural heritage survey prepared for the Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation and the National Park Service," — also compiled by the Klines for the Wheeling Spoken History Project — are available for viewing in the Wheeling Room at the Ohio County Public Library.

Complete collections of the recordings are held by Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation and Berea College

▼ Spoken Histories Index

(The following are 22 of over 150 interviews conducted by Dr. Michael and Carrie Kline) 

Interviewee Title
 94-001  06/07/94  Chip West   An Early Love of History
 96-002  06/01/94  Ann Norton  Wheeling in the 1920’s - 30’s
 94-003  11/17/94  Bonnie Ellis  West Virginia Northern Community College
 96-004  06/23/95  Elvira Corvino  Italian Family Life in Benwood, WV
 96-005  06/03/94  Frances Cerrone  Growing up Italian in Fulton
 96-006  06/23/94  John "Jack" Fahey  40 years on the B&O
 96-007  07/05/94  Bill Hogan  Wheeling's Wide-Open Days
 96-008  10/11/94  John B. Hunter II  Marine Memories
 96-009  06/19/95  Michael Sinicropi  Executive Speaks on Italian Immigrant History
 96-010  05/05/95  Allen "Butch" Walker  Job Retraining, and the Clean Air Act
 96-011  07/31/95  A.E. "Doc" Hennen  The Boys of Biak
 96-012  06/27/94  David Javersak  An Historical Perspective
 96-013  05/30/95  Robert Victor Marchlenski  Job Retraining Through The Clean Air Act
 96-014  07/05/94  Mary Lou Henderson  Germans in Center Wheeling
 96-015  06/21/94  Michael A Nau  The Price of Progress
 96-016  07/15/95  Alphonse Ruggieri  Italian Culture and the "Neapolitan Serenade"
 96-017  05/16/94  Darlene Stradwick  13 Kids: Entrenched Values
 96-018  06/28/94  George H. Thomas  From 21st and Main on South
 96-019  05/05/95  Mark Uraco  Interview With Mark Uraco
 96-021  10/31/94  Various Local Voices   Pierogi Making at St. Lad's
 96-022  09/2794  Rosalind "Buddy" Rybeck  Rosalind "Buddy" Rybeck

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