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Tobacco Business in Wheeling

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Tobacco Industry in Wheeling:

  ▶ Tobacco Industry, 1879
  ▶ Cigar and Tobacco Industry, 1886
  ▶ 'Wheeling Stogie' Court Case, 1899
  ▶ Article from Foward Wheeling, February 1931

Tobacco Companies:

  ▶ Bloch Brothers [Mail Pouch]
  ▶ Hugo L. Loos & Bro.
  ▶ Marsh Wheeling Stogies (M. Marsh and Sons Inc.)
  ▶ Augustus Pollack Crown Stogies
  ▶ Nail City Stogie
    ▶ Nail City Stogie in 1892 (Intelligencer article)
  ▶ J. F. Miller Company
  ▶ Sanatel Tobacco Co.

Cigar Box Manufacturers:

  ▶ Steinmetz Box Company

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