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Historic Architecture in Wheeling

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The Men Who Built Wheeling (written by Kate Quinn, 2009)
▶ Charles W. Bates
▶ Frederic F. Faris
▶ Edward Bates Franzheim 
▶ Millard Fillmore Giesey


Frontier Era: 

▶ Fort Henry
▶ Ebenezer Zane Cabin

WV Statehood: 

▶ The Athenium
▶ Linsley Institute Building (First WV State Capitol: 1863-1870)
▶ Old City-County Building (former State Capitol 1875-1885)
  ▶  State Capitol become the City Building 
  ▶ The Capitals and Capitols of West Virginia
▶ U. S. Custom House (West Virginia Independence Hall)
Washington Hall 


▶ Elmhurst (Samuel Bloch House)
▶ Formosa Apartments
▶ Glessner-Stifel House
▶ Howard Place
▶ McLain Apartments
▶ Monument Place (Shepard Plantation House)
▶ Stifel Fine Arts Center (Stifel Mansion)
▶ Reymann Mansion (former V.F.W. Post 825 Headquarters)
▶ Virginia Apartments 
▶ Woodridge (Steenrod residence)


▶ Baer's Sons Grocery Company Warehouse | Boury Warehouse [Lofts] 
▶ B & O Building 
▶ Board of Trade Building 
Central Union Building
▶ Centre Market 
Market House (Second Ward) | Market Auditorium
▶ The Old Elks Home Building
Fort Henry Club 
▶ Hawley Building | Mull Center
The Hoge Building 
▶ Odd Fellows Hall
▶ Pythian Castle 
▶ Pythian Lodge Building 
▶ African American Pythian Building 
▶ Reilly Building 
▶ Riley Law Building | Kaley Center
Schmulbach Building  
▶ Scottish Rite Cathedral 
▶ Stone Tavern at Roney's Point 
▶ Mount de Chantal 
▶ Edward Wagner Wholesale Grocers Warehouse | Wagner Building  
Old Wheeling Hospital 


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