Ohio County Public Library

Ohio County Public Library

Materials Donation Policy

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Donate books to the Ohio County Public LibraryThe Ohio County Public Library appreciates the generosity and thoughtfulness of its many patrons in donating books and other library materials to the Library. Because of the overwhelming number of items donated, the limited amount of staff time to handle these donations, and limited space to house the donated materials, OCPL must restrict the donations accepted. OCPL welcomes donations of books and other materials of value. This policy serves to clarify which items are desirable, acceptable and usable.

Acceptable Donations:

Unacceptable Donations include:

The library can only accept a limited number of boxes or bags at a time. More than ten boxes or bags require the prior approval of the Library Director. All donations must be brought to the Circulation Desk. Items left on OCPL’s loading dock without approval will be discarded. The Library does not pick up donations except under special circumstances with the approval of the Library Director.

All donations become the property of the Ohio County Public Library and may be disposed of at the discretion of the library.

   - Adopted by the OCPL Board of Trustees: August 8, 2012