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Second Presbyterian Church

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Second Presbyterian Church in Wheeling

The congregation of Second Presyterian purchased a "handsome residence" on the corner of 20th and Market Streets in 1848 and occupied the building for two years. In 1850, the residence was, for a cost of $12,000, replaced with a formal church structure.

In 1873, extensive remodeling was completed and stained glass and belfry were added to the structure. A pipe organ, purchased for $2,500, was operated by water power furnished by the pressure in the city water pipes. 

The Second Presbyterian Church Building was sold by the congregation in 1974. It was demolished in 2016 following a collapse of the roof and back wall.

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▶ Formerly on the corner of 20th and Market Street (demolished after suffering a collapsed roof and back wall in 2016)


Second Presbyterian Church


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