Ohio County Public Library

Ohio County Public Library




The name of this corporation shall be “Board of Trustees of the Ohio County Public Library,” pursuant to Section 1, Chapter 157, Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia, Regular Session, 1937.



The officers of the Board shall be a chairman and a secretary-treasurer, who shall hold office for one year and be eligible for reelection. The Board shall organize annually by the election of such chairman and secretary-treasurer.

The chairman shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committees, authorize and call for special meetings, and in general perform the duties of a presiding officer.

The secretary-treasurer shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the Board, oversee the receiving and disbursement of all library funds, and insure that an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements is maintained. Approval by the chairman or secretary-treasurer shall be required for all individual expenditures exceeding $500 for purposes other than normal operating expenses of the library.



The regular meetings of the Board shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month in the library.

The chairman may reschedule monthly meetings for lack of a quorum or other conflict. Proper notice shall be provided.

A majority of all members of the Board to-wit: three members, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Special meetings may be called by the chairman at any time. A special meeting shall be called at any time by the secretary-treasurer upon the written request of three members of the board. In the absence of the chairman at any regular or special meeting, the members present shall choose one of their number to preside as the acting chairman. In the absence of the secretary-treasurer, the members present shall choose an acting secretary-treasurer. A board member unable to attend the meeting may designate another member who is present to cast his/her vote by proxy.



Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the Clerk of Circuit Court of Ohio County for a term of five years each, except that any person appointed by the Board to fill a vacancy occurring before the expiration of the term vacated, shall serve only for the unexpired term. Members of the Board of Trustees shall be eligible for reappointment, shall serve without compensation, and shall hold no remunerative political office, either state, county, or municipal. No member of the Board of Trustees shall be eligible for appointment to any remunerative office or position under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees, and not more than three of the members shall belong to the same political party. At least two of the members of the Board of Trustees shall be women.

Funds of the Board of Trustees shall be disbursed by check signed by one of the following: the chairman or the secretary-treasurer. In no event shall a check be valid unless it bears the actual signature of one of the Board members.



The purpose of the Board of Trustees of the Ohio County Public Library is to assume and discharge the responsibility of maintaining a library in Ohio County, West Virginia, including the employment of a Library Director and other employees. The Board is further responsible for the fixing of salaries and other benefits, the establishment of library policies nd procedures, and the exercise of all additional authority extended to the Board under the law of the State of West Virginia.



The order of business at regular meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be:

1. Call to Order.
2. Approval of Minutes.
3. Financial Report
4. Director’s Report
5. Announcements
6. Old Business.
7. New Business.
8. Adjournment.



The Library Director is an individual, appointed by the Board, who is charged with the responsibility of supervision, operation, maintenance, and management of the Library under the direction and review of the Board. The Library Director shall be responsible for the care of the buildings and equipment; the employment, supervision, and evaluation of all library staff; for the efficiency of the library’s service to the public; and for the operation of the library under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget. The Library Director’s position is an exempt position in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Library Director shall attend all Board meetings unless ill or with the prior notification and consent of the chairman.



These bylaws may be amended by vote of a majority of the Library Board of Trustees at any regular meeting.

ADOPTED: March 12, 1996
REVISED AND ADOPTED: April 13, 1999 ; June 11, 2008.