Ohio County Public Library

Ohio County Public Library

Getting a Library Card

All persons living in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia (Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler counties) may receive a library card by presenting proof of current address.

College students not living with their parents must present a student identification, proof of local address and proof of home address.

Residents in nearby counties of Ohio and Pennsylvania (Jefferson, Belmont and Monroe in Ohio and Washington, Greene and Allegheny in Pennsylvania) may receive a library card upon payment of a $5.00 annual fee, with the exception of Bellaire residents, who will receive a card without charge, as Bellaire Library offers the same privilege to Ohio County residents.

Temporary and transient residents, including those living in shelters, will receive a library upon receipt of a letter from the administrator of the shelter or other proof of residence but will be limited to one item at a time.