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The Steamboat "Washington"

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The "Washington," Wheeling's First Steamboat

Built in Wheeling by steamboat captain and inventor Henry Miller Shreve in 1816, the "Washington" would be the prototype of all future Western River steamboats and Wheeling was thereafter known as the “Birthplace of the American Steamboat.”

▶ Read about the "Washington" on Archiving Wheeling (blog post by John Bowman)

Newspaper Articles

Old-Time Steamboat, Wheeling's First SteamerWheeling Intelligencer, July 10, 1886


Wheeling resident and steamboat expert John Bowman with a model of the steamboat "Washington." Mr. Bowman built the replica based on descriptions of the original. The replica can be seen at West Virginia Independence Hall in Wheeling, WV.

John Bowman and a replica of the Steamboat Washington. Built by Mr.  Bowman, the replica now resides at West Virginia Independence Hall in Wheeling, WV.

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