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Links to HABS/HAER documentation in American Memory Collection

Links to HABS/HAER documentation in American Memory Collection


The following are links to the Historic American Building Survey and Historic American Engineering Record documentation for sites in Ohio County appearing in the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress.

There is also an alphabetical list of these links.

Wheeling Suspension Bridge (30+ pages)

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad:Benwood Bridge, Benwood, Marshall County, WV.

Bridge on Old National Trail

Bridgeport Bridge, Spanning W. Channel of Ohio River, U. S. Rt. 40

LaBelle Iron Works, Thirtieth and Wood Sts. (53 p. of documentation!)

Wheeling Project,1976, WHEELING, Ohio County, WV.

Wheeling Business District

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad,Wheeling Freight Station, Fourteenth & South Sts.

Bank of Wheeling, 1229 Main St.

First Presbyterian Church, 1301 Chapline St.

Medical Tower Building, Twelfth & Main Sts.

Main Street, Main St. (W. Side) betw. Fourteenth & Sixteenth

Speidel, Joseph & Company,Building, 1417 Main St.

U. S. Custom House, Market & Sixteenth Sts.

Jacob Dick House, 393 National Road

McColloch Street Cottages, McColloch St. (1300 Block)

"Monroe Street" -- 14th St. Area

Paull, Thomas, House, 1314 Chapline St.

Paxton-Reed House, 100 Twelfth St.

Frissell, Dr. John, House, 54 Fourteenth St.

Paull,George,House, 57 Fourteenth St..

Ridgeley,Absalom,House, 58 Fourteenth St.

Wheeling Island

174 Zane Street (House)

176 Zane Street (House)

178 Zane Street (House)

180 Zane Street (House)

182 Zane Street (House)

184 Zane Street (House)

Irwin-Brues House, 201 N. Front St.

Wheeling Suspension Bridge (30+ pages)

Bridgeport Bridge, Spanning W. Channel of Ohio River, U. S. Rt. 40

Centre Market

Centre Market, Market St. btwn. Twenty-second & Twenty-third Sts.

Centre Market Square Historic District, Market St.

Zink, William T., Double House, 2206-2208 Market St.

Thoner,John,House, 2238 Market St.

Reed Building, 2125 Market St.

William Mueller Store, 2242 Eoff Street

Chapline Street District

Chapline Street Row Historic District, 2301-2319 Chapline St.

Schmulbach, Henry, House, 2311 Chapline St.

Holliday-Schaefer House, 2307 Chapline St.

Wells,Edgar,House, 2301-2303 Chapline St.

Moore, Nancy, House, 2305 Chapline St.

Klieves,Theodore,House, 2313 Chapline St.

Klieves, Bernard,House, 2315 Chapline St.

Ackermann, Gregor, House, 2319 Chapline St.


Warwood Tool Company, Foot of Nineteenth St. (32 p. of documentation)

Warwood Tool Company,Worker's House, 142 Eighteenth St. (1 page)

John W. Kenner House, 69-71 Nineteenth Street,

John Clator House, 73-75 Nineteenth Street

North Main St.

Hazlett,Edward,House, 823 Main St.

Eckhart,George W.,House, 810 Main St.

List,Henry K. ,House, 827 Main St.

Paull, Alfred,House, 729 Main St.

Williams Duplex, 730-732 Main St.

Vigilant Engine House, 648-650 Main St.

Goering, William, House, 701 Main St.

Hess, Christian,House, 811 Main St.

Elm Grove

S Bridge, Spanning Little Wheeling Creek at U.S. Rt. 40, Elm Grove

Monument Place.

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