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Wheeling Suspension Bridge renovation project, 1999: Previous bridge work

Wheeling Suspension Bridge renovation project, 1999: Previous bridge work

Suspension Bridge Renovation

Wheeling Suspension Bridge

Previous Bridge Work

Maintenance of Bridge

Date Repair
1850Cleaned and Mortared Towers and Anchorage Bolts.
Main Cables repaired and wrapped.
1860Damaged Lateral Sway Cables replaced.
Hanger Rods Replaced.
Main Cables Wrapped and Repaired.
1872Diagonal Sway Cables Replaced.
1953Lower Links of Hangers repaired or replaced.
1956Hanger Rods Replaced.
Floorbeam and Laterals repaired/replaced.
Roadway and Sidewalk Grating Replaced.
1966Hanger Rods Replaced.
1983Damaged lateral Stay Cables Replaced.
Lower links of Hangers Replaced.
Stiffening Trusses Repaired (Wooden part of bridge).
Roadway and Sidewalk grating cleaned and painted.
Laterals and Gusset Plates replaced.
1986Stiffening truss braces repaired and replaced.

Lighting of the Bridge

In 1987, 154 High-pressure sodium lamps with gold globes were placed 24 feet apart and attached to the railing. There were 20 halite fixtures placed for the tower lighting. Yahn Electric Company of Wheeling, WV completed the lighting project. The official lighting of the decorative was on or about Dec. 7, 1987.

Material originally presented on the West Virginia Division of Highways District 6 website.

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