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Churches in Wheeling in 1886

- from The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, September 14, 1886


All Denominations Represented in the Organized Religious Life of the City

While Wheeling has never been called a City of Churches, nor been especially noted for her great piety or that of her people, she is well blessed with religious organizations and bodies that exert a steady influence for good and at times stir up a deep religious sentiment. The people, as a rule, are God-fearing, and to this fact, probably, may be ascribed the prosperity of the city in all things. Wheeling has thirty-one houses of worship and nearly that many pastors, congregations and Sunday-schools. Many of the church congregations date their organization almost back to the time when Wheeling was a straggling frontier town, notably the First Presbyterian, which received the land on which its handsome edifice now stands from old Colonel Zane, the pioneer.

Wheeling has had in her time some noted men as pastors, but the great majority of the ministers of the gospel who have labored here, have been plain practical, outspoken men, who have presented to their congregations the Word in a pure, simple and convincing manner.


Wheeling's churches classified are as follows: Methodist, 7; German Methodist, 1; Methodist, (colored)1; African M.E., 1; Presbyterian, 3; United Presbyterian, 1; English Lutheran, 1; German Lutheran, 2; German Reformed, 1; Independent German, 2; Catholic, 3 and one chapel; Episcopal, 2 and one chapel; Disciples, 1; Baptist, 1; Colored Baptist, 1; Hebrew, 1; Latter Day Saints, 1.

Several of the church edifices are beautifully decorated inside, and their outside appearance is that of architectural beauty, adding greatly to the attractiveness of the city.

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