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Riverboats in Wheeling

NOTICE: We are currently in the process of restructuring the “Wheeling History” section of our website. Much of the information previously available can still be accessed by using the search function at the top of the page. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. Please check back regularly for updates.

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Boat-Building in Wheeling: 

▶ Boat-Building Flourished Here (New-Register, 1951)
▶ A. J. Sweeney & Son (Intelligencer, 1886)

River Traffic: 

▶ River Transportation in 1879
▶ January 1888 


▶ Steamboat Washington
Packet America
▶ Ben Hur
▶ Bertrand 
▶ Betty Wright 
▶ City of Wheeling
▶ Packet Courier
▶ Delta Queen 
▶ Geo. W. Kendall 
   ▶ Geo. W. Kendall Boat Launch, 1849 (Daily Wheeling Gazette article)
▶ Gordon C. Greene 
▶ Helen E. 
▶ Packet Hudson
▶ Keystone State 
▶ Liberty
▶ Lizzy Townsend
Packet Phil Sheridan
▶ Packet Rebecca
▶ Steamboat Queen City
▶ S. S. Brown
▶ Steamboat Virginia (also the Steel City/
   East St. Louis/Island Belle/Greater New Orleans)
▶ Sternwheel "Washington"
▶ Winfield Scott 
   ▶ Trial Trip of the Winfield Scott in 1849 (Daily Wheeling Gazette article)
▶ Verne Swain

Ferry Boats: 

▶ The Conveyor
▶ The Islander


▶ Towboat Ironsides 
Towboat Miami 
▶ Towboat Nail City
  ▶ Death of William Page, Head Engineer of the Towboat Nail City
Towboat Sam Craig
Towboat Samuel Clark
▶ Towboat Sprague


▶ U. S. Snagboat E. A. Woodruff


 ▶ Crockard & Booth

Fishing Club Boats: 

 ▶ Brunswik
 ▶ Central Fishing Club


 ▶ Diurnal and Phaeton Race, 1880

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