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U.S.S. Wheeling

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 Launched: March 18, 1897  Commissed: August 10, 1897  Struck From Roster: March 28, 1946

A 990-ton Naval gunboat built at Union Iron Works, San Francisco, CA in early 1896. Named for our city, the USS Wheeling served in the Spanish-American War, the Philippine-American War, the Boxer Rebellion, and World War I, and berthing barge for motor torpedo boat crews. In 1946—shortly after the end of WWII—she was decommissioned. 


 ▶ Drawing of the Wheeling, 1897
 ▶ Drawing from the launching of the Wheeling, 1897
 ▶ U. S. Naval Historical Center photo, 1897
 ▶ Photograph of the crew Wheeling in 1919
 ▶ Photograph of the Wheeling from 1937 

Newspaper Coverage: 

 ▶ A Dapper Little Gunboat (January 23, 1897) 
 ▶ Launch of the U.S.S. Wheeling (March 19, 1897) 
 Reporting on Speed Trials (January 23, 1897) 

Archiving Wheeling Blog Post: 

 ▶ The Great Unrolling of the U.S.S. Wheeling

Additional Resources:

 ▶ Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships:
Entry on the Gunboat Wheeling — and the later range instrumentation vessel bearing the name.
 ▶ NavSource: Info and photo archives on the USS Wheeling 



 Laid Down: (Seton Hall Victory) April 10, 1945  Commissioned: August 10, 1962  Struck: July 1, 1982

A second boat, USNS Wheeling (T-AGM-8), a Wheeling-class missile range instrumentation ship, was acquired by the U.S. Navy in 1962. She was sunk as part of a Naval exercise on 12 after being assigned as target ship for Harpoon missile testing in 1981.

Additional Resources:

▶ NavSource: Info and photo archives on the USNS Wheeling 

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