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A History of Cooey-Bentz

June 04, 2024
12:00pm - 1:00pm

A History of Cooey-Bentz

Randy Cooey, W.R Cooey’s great grandson and Emeritus Professor of Economics at Bethany College, and Jeff Knierim, great-great nephew of Herman Bentz and the company’s president until it closed in 2002, will present the history of Cooey-Bentz Company. Founded in 1897, Cooey-Bentz was a landmark home furnishings business in South Wheeling, playing an important role in the fabric of the community. In addition to selling home furnishings, the company operated a funeral home that was sold to the Kepner family in the 1930s. Although known for providing quality products and service to its customers, Cooey-Bentz is best remembered for its legendary Christmas window displays, “Toyland,” and of course, Santa Claus. Join Randy and Jeff as they reminisce about the “good old days” at Cooey-Bentz!


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