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MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE: Breaking Through the Clouds (2011)

March 09, 2020
6:30pm - 8:00pm

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Sabotage, glamour, death, star power, strong wills, and vivid personalities are just some of the elements which factor into the true story behind Rag Wing Derby. On August 18, 1929, twenty brave women set out to fly for nine consecutive days across the United States in the First Women's National Air Derby. Faced with social, technological and personal challenges, these trailblazers banded together to prove they were accomplished women and competent pilots. The women’s personalities shine in this film, from the celebrated Amelia Earhart to the glamorous Ruth Elder, who once flew a plane paid for by investors from Wheeling.   

In celebration of Women's History Month, the film's Executive Producer, Heather Taylor, will talk about the Derby and the documentary at Lunch With Books on March 10 at noon

With just a compass and road map to guide them, these women navigated through rough weather, mechanical failures, public scrutiny, and rumors of sabotage. Wearing breeches and goggles during the day and ball gowns in the evening, these aviators challenged stereotypes by proving women could be independent, competitive, self-sufficient, intelligent, graceful, and above all, really good pilots. Breaking Through The Clouds shows actual footage from the 1929 air race, aerial recreations using planes like the women flew in the derby, interviews with legendary pilots Elinor Smith and Patty Wagstaff as well as family members of the pilots and aviation experts.

Film Runtime: 1 hr. 49 min. 
Rating: G

Watch the Trailer:

The Library's Monday Night Movies take place every second Monday of the month. Movies start at 6:00 pm in the Library Auditorium. Light refreshments and popcorn are served. 

*Movies are shown at the Ohio County Public Library under the public library umbrella licenses of the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation and Movie Licensing USA/Swank Motion Pictures. 

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