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PEOPLE'S UNIVERSITY - West Virginia Watersheds: Class 2 - Wheeling Water

September 11, 2018
7:00pm - 7:00pm

PEOPLE'S UNIVERSITY - West Virginia Watersheds: Class 2 - Wheeling Water

This presentation will begin with a discussion of the history of Wheeling Water and how technology has improved in 100 years.  As the superintendent of the Wheeling Water Treatment Plant, Lori Siburt will provide a brief description of the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), with handouts, and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about the report. This will be an interactive session designed to help everyone understand the information presented in the annual consumer report.  There will be an overview of our new $30 million dollar Membrane Plant and how it has improved the quality of our water.  The presentation will conclude with a discussion of what is next for the water industry and Wheeling Water in general.

Lori Siburt, Wheeling Water Superintendent

Ms. Siburt was hired by the Wheeling Water Treatment Plant in May 2002 as a Lab Technician and Water Operator.  She came to the city with a background in water and wastewater and 15 years as a lab technician.  She is a Class IV Water Operator certified with the state of West Virginia, she is certified with the WV Microbiology Lab for bacteriological testing and has a BS in Chemistry from Wheeling Jesuit University.  She was promoted to Sr. Lab Technician in 2012, Plant Manager in 2014 and Superintendent in 2017.  She works closely with ORSANCO regarding Ohio River quality issues and is a member of American Water Works Association.  She was the Plant Manager during the construction of the new $30 million Membrane Treatment Plant.

Sponsors of this event:

The series is organized by the non-profit Capstone Group, Inc. (, in cooperation with the Institute of Water Security and Science at West Virginia University (

Funding for this series is provided by the Walmart Foundation and its affiliate store in Triadelphia, WV.

Additional support is provided by Ohio County Public Library.

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