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Introducing In-House Tablets at your Library

Posted 01/30/24

Introducing In-House Tablets at your Library

The Ohio County Public Library is excited to announce the launch of our in-house tablets, now available within the library! Tablets may be used by any patron with an active library card in good standing, including internet-only cards. Tablets are for in-house use only and will shut down automatically if taken outside of the library boundaries.

Borrowing tablets is easy! Patrons simply tap the tablet Dock's screen and press "borrow tablet", scan their library card,  and pick up a tablet. Juvenile cards will automatically log into a children's profile with pre-set, child-appropriate applications, while adult cards will automatically log in with full access.  When returning the tablet, patrons will just need to ensure that the tablet Dock reports it as "returned". Tablets automatically reset upon return, logging out of accounts and wiping all information for patron safety.

Using these tablets, patrons will be able to access everything virtual that the library has to offer! Patrons will be able to:

►Read books, articles, magazines, and newspapers
►Listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and music
►Take online courses and watch video tutorials
►Watch television shows, movies, and videos
► Online shop, take a video call, check their email, or update their resume
►Connect with friends and family through social media
►Access available apps and request others

As always, the Ohio County Public Library hopes that these exciting new devices will be a fun, modern way for the community to engage with the library! The library is always striving to "...provide free and equal access to resources that assist our community in the pursuit of knowledge, information, education, research, and recreation which promotes an enlightened citizenry, encourages lifelong learning, and enriches the quality of life" and we know that this initiative will further us towards that goal!

So, visit us soon and check out the newest addition to the library resources!

If you have any questions regarding these tablets, please email [email protected]

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