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Beginner Computer Classes at OCPL

Posted 04/18/24

Beginner Computer Classes at OCPL

Do you know anyone who could use a very beginner introduction to computers? Let them know that they should join the OCPL staff for our upcoming month-long, absolute beginner computer course! Over 8 classes, participants will learn skills such as:

  • How to use a mouse and a keyboard
  • Introduction to the internet and how to access it
  • Setting up and using an email inbox

The classes will be held in our basement-level classroom and participants will all be equipped with library laptops and computer mice. Classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00 pm, starting on May 7th and ending on May 30th. They will be run by reference staff members Julia and Lisa.

To sign up for the beginner computer class, please call the library at (304)232-0244 and ask for Julia.

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