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Juneteenth at the Ohio County Public Library

Posted 06/19/22

Juneteenth at the Ohio County Public Library

Juneteenth activities events in Wheeling were held at Market Plaza, Heritage Port, YWCA for 2022. The weekend of activities were launched on Friday, June 17, 2022 at the Ohio County Public Library with a special Lunch with Books program Crossing the River for Freedom. The program featured Kristina C. Estle, Director of the Underground Railroad Museum

Estle earned her Master’s Degree in Public History/Museum Studies from Southern New Hampshire University and her Bachelor’s Degree in History at Ohio University. She also serves as Education Chairwoman for the Belmont County NAACP and President of the History Detectives of Belmont County.

Kristina C. Estle sat down with historian Margaret Brennan. The two discussed Juneteenth and slavery: 

Archiving Wheeling - "Celebrating Freedom: Wheeling's "Juneteenth" in Context" - Discover the history of Emancipation Day celebrations in Wheeling prior to the national celebration of Juneteenth. 

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