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Our Newspaper Archives Have Gotten an Upgrade

Posted 04/17/24

Our Newspaper Archives Have Gotten an Upgrade

You may have noticed that our digital archives landing page looks a little different! Recently, the Ohio County Public Library has updated our version of the Community History Archive.

Working with Advantage Archives, we have upgraded the archives webpage to ensure that it is as easy and enjoyable for our patrons to use as possible. The page looks different but will function the same way it always has, hopefully making this a seamless transition. The revamped layout features a more user-friendly navigation bar, clearly labeled links to access key features, and step-by-step user guides.

More than just an interface update, patrons will now have access to an improved, more powerful search tool, allowing them to discover articles, editorials, and headlines with greater accuracy and speed. Additionally, the page will be more mobile-user-friendly than ever, making quick, mobile research simple. One of our favorite new features is that the system now places a checkmark next to articles patrons have already read, which will make tracking your own research easier as well.

Access the Archives

Over 2.5 million images and articles dating back to 1852 are ready to view! Whether a longtime researcher or someone who is accessing our digital archives for the very first time, we are confident that our patrons will appreciate this update. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the library at (304)232-0244 and speak to the reference desk.

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