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Map of Ohio County, West Virginia, 1918 (Farmline Map)

Desktop users: To zoom in and out on map, use the scroll button on your mouse or the button in the top left-hand corner of the map. To pan left, right, up, or down, left-click and drag map. 
Touchscreen users: To zoom in map, use two fingers going in opposite directions. To zoom out, use two fingers moving toward each other. To pan, push map with finger in desired direction. 

Map of Ohio County, West Virginia, 1918.
Compiled and copyrighted by Koller & Conrad, Civil & Mining Engineers, Wheeling, W.Va., 1918.

*NOTE: The Library's original print of this map hangs in the hallway across from the public restrooms on the upper level of the Libray. Large-scale photocopies of sections of the map may be brought into our Wheeling Room for inspection.

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