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Corner Store Memories

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  • Remember Wheeling's old neighborhood mom and pop corner grocery stores, confectionaries, hardware stores, etc, such as Pop Coury's,Lash’s Drug Store, Salvatori's, Wickham's, Visnic's, McNamara's, and so on. Every neighborhood had them. And all of us of a certain age remember them fondly as community gems and social centers.

    Now, as part of our Neighborhood Nostalgia Community Exhibit Series, the Ohio County Public Library invites you to share your memories of those long gone places. Use this form to share.

    We also invite you to loan us your memorabilia from these neighborhood stores. We will be installing a new display called "On Every Corner" in the main exhibit area of the Little Museum of Wheeling History at the Library. And your items will be featured!

    So if you have anything with a store's name on it, from bags or pencils, to matchbooks, mugs, glasses, rulers, letter openers, or whatever it might be, or if you have photographs of these largely lost treasures, please get in touch by FB messenger, phone at 304-232-0244 (ask for Sean) or email at [email protected], and let us know if you're willing to loan.

    All items will be displayed in our locked cases for spring/summer 2023, and everyone who loans us an item or item(s) will receive a loan document to ensure the safe return when our exhibit ends.

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