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New Blog Post Features Ebook Recommendations for Kids

Posted 04/28/20

New Blog Post Features Ebook Recommendations for Kids

We know it's hard not to be able to pick up new books from the Library during what used to be your regular visits. We all miss seeing you too! Luckily, though, through the library’s databases of ebook and audiobooks, you can check out digital materials for your kids and recreate that beautiful silence of the car ride home when everyone has their fresh new books and parents get a moment of peace. And our staff has made it easy!

Laura Carroll is the Archivist at the OCPL, but she also has an 8-year-old who loves to read. She’s teamed up with our Children’s Specialist,to recommend some titles for elementary-age kids to enjoy at home.

Kid: “I’m bored!!”
Parent / Guardian (patience slowly trickling down to a dangerous low): “Why don’t you read a book?”
Kid: “But I’ve read all my books!”

If this sounds familiar, read on for some relief...

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