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Album of Wheeling, W. Va.

Album of Wheeling W. Va.,
Compliments of Reymann Brewing Co.: Cover

Album of Wheeling, W. Va.

Compliments of the Reymann Brewing Co.

Views of Wheeling, a 19th-century booklet from the Reymann Brewing Co.

Cover Souvenir of Wheeling, W. VA. Cover
Page 1  City Building, W&EL RR, View on 16th St., View
Page 2 Horseshoe Curve from Reymann's Hill --
View at Leatherwood --
View at Mount Belleview --
Dewey Station
Page 3 Wheeling Park: The Dining Pavilion, Band & Dancing Pavilion
Page 4 Wheeling Park Views
Page5 Pleasant Valley --
Entrances of Greenwood and Mount Calvary Cemeteries --
Terminus of W. & E. G. R.R. and Entrance to Wheeling Park
Page 6 Residences of J. Frew, Jno. C. Hupp, A. Rolf, A. Reymann

All images in this collection are taken from 'Album of Wheeling, W. VA.' compliments of the Reymann Brewing Co. Images have been scanned to preserve as much of the artistic quality and style of the original.  If you would like a high resolution copy of a photo from this collection, please make a request through the OCPL contact form.

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