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 Wheeling History Online  |  OCPL Archives  |  Genealogy Resources   |  General/Academic Research

Wheeling History OnlineWheeling History Online:

Looking for biographies of prominent Wheeling citizens? Histories of local businesses or buildings? Give our Wheeling History Online section a try. We have an extensive collection of short histories and resources pertaining to Wheeling and Ohio County and the Library is always adding new information to its "Wheeling History Online" section. 

Go to Wheeling History Online now 

Have a Wheeling history question or want to request a page is added to our history section? 
Ask a Local History Specialist!

Research a local property? 
Get started with our Researching Historic Properties in Ohio County, West Virginia guide

OCPL ArchivesOCPL Archives & Special Collections:

The Ohio County Public Library recognizes an obligation to amass and make available a Local History Collection. The purpose of this collection is to preserve materials that document the history of Wheeling and the Upper Ohio Valley region and to make these materials available to researchers and the general public.

We collect and house non-published materials such as photographs, photograph albums, scrapbooks, personal and corporate archives, journals, letters, maps, prints, pamphlets, brochures, advertising ephemera, and a vast assortment of other materials preserving our area's unique and diverse heritage. 

Start exploring the OCPL Archives & Special Collections 

Have a question about our archival material or want to set up an appointment to view our archival collections? ➤ Ask an Archivist!

Genealogy ResourcesGenealogy Resources:

Searching for your family history? Our Wheeling Room is the place you want to visit! Local and regional history books and magazines, city directories, cemetery indexes, yearbooks, family histories, and more grace the shelves of the Wheeling Room. 

View our Genealogical Resources

Looking for an obituary or have a family history question? ➤ Ask a Genealogist!

General and Academic ResearchGeneral/Academic Research:

Writing a paper or book? Or do you just have that obscure question that you can't quite answer? Our Reference Desk can help you out. Whether you're looking for primary source materials for your thesis, or answers to pop culture questions, we'll either find an answer for you or a source where you can get your answers. 

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*NOTE: If you can't find what you're looking for in our catalog, you can always request materials through Interlibrary Loan

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