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Business and Industrial History of Wheeling

Steel and Iron

History and overview of the steel industry (1886)
Alexander Glass, a founder of Wheeling Steel
The Riverside Iron Works (1886)
National Tube & Riverside Works, 1900s
The Top Mill (Wheeling Iron and Nail Co., 1886)
Top Mill, 1920s
Wheeling Steel Co. in 1886
Wheeling Steel Co. in 1956
75th Anniversary History of LaBelle Mill
Laughlin Steel Co. and Junction Iron Co., Mingo, Ohio, 1886.
Crescent mill of Whitaker Iron Co., 1886
Joel E. Moss, J. E. Moss Iron Works, 1923
A discussion of soft steel, one of Wheeling's specialties(1886)
Price list of Wheeling Iron Works, 1836 130 K graphics file
Wheeling Corrugating Plant, ca.1930
A blast furnace in Wheeling, 1900s
Carnegie Steel Works, Bellaire, ca. 1915


Survey and history of the nail industry;
Benwood nail works, 1886
Bellaire Nail Co., 1886
LaBelle Nail Works, 1886
LaBelle Nail works, 1920s
LaBelle Nail works, 1920s
Cut Nail Plant, ca. 1930
Pictures of La Belle operations, ca. 1930
Belmont Nail Works (1886)
Laughlin Nail Co. (Martins Ferry) 1886
Norway Tack Co., 1886

Wood and Paper Industries

Furniture and carriage making, 1886.
Hanna & Clemens Paper Co., Fulton Paper Mill, 1886
Standard Match Company, 1886
Employees of Diamond Match Co., 1907
Christian Steinmetz
Picture of Christian Steinmetz
Christian Steinmetz Box Factory advertisement from 1904.
Charles E. Wemple and American Stone Co.(made the stones used in grinding wood pulp and a picture of Mr. Wemple)


History of the Glass Industry in Wheeling (1886)
The South Wheeling works of Hobbs, Brockunier & Co. (1886)
Harry C. Northwood
Northwood Glass plant, 1910s
Central Glass Works (1886)
North Wheeling Glass Works (1886)
Hazel Atlas Building, 1931
Hazel Atlas advertisement, 1915
Otto Jaeger, founder of Bonita Art Glass (and Fostoria earlier)
William Leighton, 1833-1911, glass manufacturer and poet


Wheeling Pottery and other firms, 1886.

Food and Drink, Agriculture

The market basket, 1886: food availability and prices
Brewing industry in 1879: Reymann's, Nail City Brewery, Butterfield's Malt House, Siebke's, Eagle Ale, Smith Ale.Brewing and Wine: Reymann Brewing Co., Schmulbach Brewery and others. (1886)
Reymann Brewery, 1880s
Advertisement for Reymann Brewing from 1904
Advertisement for Schmulbach Brewery (1904)
Uneeda Brewery: an ad from 1904
Fred Stroehmann, bakery founder -- and Stroehmann Bakery
Coffee roasting businesses in 1886: J.W. Hunter, J. Speidel & Co., Simon Baer's Sons.
George K. McMechen & Son, Flaccus Brothers, food packers, 1886
Michael Reilly, 1808-1892, grocer, distiller, etc.
"Unzer Fritz" Luikert, butcher, meat packer, from 1870s-1930s.
Interior of Barlow & Co. Grocery, 1914
The wool market (Wheeling was a trading center for wool in 1886)
Ginseng trade, (a big business in 1886)
F. Schenk Meat Packing Plant, Fulton, 1930s
Meat packing industry in the 1930s

Tobacco and Cigars

Early years of Wheeling's cigar industry from History of the Pan-Handle, by J. H. Newton, 1879.
Mifflin M. Marsh, cigar manufacturer
M. Marsh plant, 1931
Inside M. Marsh factory, 1931
M. Marsh & Son plant, 1998
The industry in 1886: M. Marsh, Augustus Pollack, John Schneider, Muhn & Brandfass, and more.
Nail City Stogie Co. (1892)
Stogie Rollers at J. Fm Miller Co., 1930s
Pollack Stogie Corp., 1931
Obituary of Augustus Pollack, founder of Crown Stogies
Picture of Mr. Pollack
Pictures of the Pollack monument erected by organized labor -- Second page -- A third
75th Anniversary History of Bloch Brothers Tobacco Co. (1954)
Bloch Brothers Tobacco Works, 1880s
Bloch Bros. plant, ca. 1914
Bloch Brothers factory, 1931
Bloch Brothers plant, 1998
Obituary of Samuel S. Bloch (1937) including a history of Bloch Brothers Tobacco Co.
Mail Pouch Tobacco barn advertisement
Tobacco industry in the 1930s

Other Manufacturing and Businesses

Market Street Dye House, 1849
Wheeling Silk Manufactory, 1849
J. L . Stifel & Sons calico printing works
Johann Ludwig Stifel, founder of dyeing industry
A.J. Sweeney Company (steamboats and industrial machinery) (1886)
Biography of A.J. Sweeney
Andrew J. Sweeney in Wheeling Hall of Fame
A history of boatbuilding in Wheeling (article from 1951)
Wheeling Novelty Works, 1849 (light manufacturing of household goods)
Island Foundry, 1860
Arlington Stove Works (Jos. Bell & Co.), 1874
Stove Foundries in 1886: Star Foundry, Joseph Bell & Co. Harvey Reppetto and Wheeling Stove & Range Co., 1923
Nail City Lantern Co., Ewing & Bill Lantern Co., 1886
Wheeling Stamping (successor to Nail City Lantern)
Roofing and sheet iron products: Caldwell & Peterson roofing, W. A. List et al. (1886)
Wheeling Hinge Factory (hinges and other hardware) 1886
Centre Foundry & Machine Co. tour (ca.1990)
Machine Shops and Foundries in 1886: Centre Foundry, Excelsior Machine Works, Cox & Morrison's Boiler Works
John A. Moore and Warwood Tool Co., 1923
Nicholas Bandi file manufacturing, 1886
I. D. Prager wallpaper and paperhanging, 1890s
Tanning: J. G. Hoffmann's Centre Wheeling Tannery and others
R.M. Gilleland Co. glue factory, 1886
Minor industries in 1886: Willow baskets, brushes, crackers, stockings
Wheeling Ice and Storage Co., 1914
Hoge Drug Co. building, 1931
Klieves Lumber, 1940s

Transportation, Communications and Utilities

Transportation facilities in 1886 Communications, 1886
The first telephones in Wheeling remembered in 1938.
Isaiah Warren & Co., oil refining
Natural gas in 1886, and another and a third and a fourth
The first incandescent electric lighting in Wheeling, 1887
A.J. Sweeney, a founder of Wheeling Electric
Andrew J. Sweeney in Wheeling Hall of Fame
John B. Garden, one of founders of Wheeling Electric Co.


List of Wheeling's Banks and officers, 1886
The insurance business in 1886
The jobbing trade in 1886 (wholesale business)
First National Bank and Trust Company of Elm Grove, 1923

Industries in Neighboring Cities

Wellsburg, W. Va., 1886
Bellaire, Ohio, 1886
Bridgeport, Ohio, 1886
Martins Ferry, Ohio, 1886 

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