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Business landmarks of Wheeling

Theaters, Banks, Hotels, etc.


Court Theater: a newspaper article from 1938
Foyer of the Court Theatre
Court Theatre: larger version of the same picture
Court Theatre, ca. 1905
Court Theatre & Board of Trade Building
Court Theatre program cover, 1913-1914
Court Theatre program cover 1909-1910
Grand Theatre (12th & Market St.)
Grand Opera House
Grand Opera House, 1880s
Grand Opera House (postcard)
Grand Theatre, ca. 1905
Virginia Theatre: program cover, 1909-1910
Virginia Theater (80 12th St.), 1937
History of Capitol Theatre
A collection of documents related to construction and opening of Capitol Theatre
Selection of Capitol Theatre ads, 1929-1970 (Big file!)
Capitol Theatre, 1937
Capitol Theatre, 1998
Capitol Theatre, 2007
James Velas State Theater (1114 Market), 1937
Liberty Theater (1533 Market), 1937
Rex Theater (1424 Market), 1937
Fedo Theatre, 1025 Chapline St.
Fedo Theatre, 1025 Chapline St.
Fedo Theatre, 1025 Chapline St.
Fedo Theatre, 1025 Chapline St.


Central Union Trust Co.
Dolphin fountains in entrance of Central Union Building
Citizen's Mutual Trust Co. (1226-28 Market -- 1920s)
Citizen's Mutual Trust Co. (postcard)
City Bank of Wheeling (1300 Market St.)
Another picture of City Bank, ca. 1914
Postcard of City Bank, 1909
Article about completion of City Bank, 1891
City Bank building, 1999
City Bank building, ca. 2000
First National Bank and Trust Company of Elm Grove, 1923
German Bank, ca. 1915
National Bank of West Virginia, 1915 newspaper articles
National Bank of West Virgina (postcard)
National Bank of W. Va. (Absure Tower) -- Detail of Entrance, 1999
National Exchange Bank (12th & Main -- now United National Bank)
Postcard of National Exchange Bank
People's Bank, 12th & Main, 1900s?


Bridge Hotel, ca. 1960
Downtowner Motor Inn, 1970s? (site of Bridge Hotel)
Gilbert Hotel, 51 11th St.
Grand Central Hotel: 1145 Market St.
McLure House, ca. 1910
McLure House, 1910s
McLure House, 1930s
Mt. Belleview Hotel, 1880s
Mt. Belleview Hotel
Rogers Hotel, 1930s
Stamm tavern, dating from 1818
Postcard of Stratford Hotel, 1910s
Stratford Hotel: from "Way Back When" by Laura Phillips Miller, 1992
Stratford Springs reborn in 1990
Stratford Hotel fire recalled in 1936
Stratford Hotel fire by Daniel L. Cusick
Stratford Spring Hotel Burned to Ground (1918 article)
Only Gaunt Chimneys Mark Stratford Springs Hotel Site (1918)
Windsor Hotel and others at the same site earlier
Postcard of Hotel Windsor, 1914
A second postcard, 1920s
Windsor Hotel, 1930s
Windsor Hotel, 2002
Hotel Wheeling, 1930s


B&O Station
More postcards
A view from the other side
B&O Building under construction (and under water), 1907
B&O Building site flooded in 1907
Another view from 1907
B&O Building, 1998
Panhandle Depot of Pennsylvania Railroad, 1890s?
Pennsylvania Station flooded in 1907
City and Elm Grove Railroad, ca. 1915


Board of Trade Building, 80 12th St.
Board of Trade Building, ca. 1910
Board of Trade Building, ca. 1910-- detail showing Baer's Court Pharmacy
John Coleman's Drug Store, 1889
Folmar & Simms Shoe Store, Elm Grove, 1910s
McLain Apartments, 12th & Eoff St., 1915
Manufacturers Fire Insurance Co., 51 12th St., ca. 1890
Geo. Mathison real estate, Home Fire Insurance, 1306 Market
McGhee Office Supply Building (1416 Market St.), 1987
C. Menkemeller's Drug Store, 1889
Menkemeller's (Or Moenkemoeller's) Drug Store, ca. 1890
Morgan's Butter Store, Alley 7A. L. Rice Store 1880s
Geo. M. Snook Co. (Main St.)
Bright Daylight Suit Room, Geo. R. Taylor Co.
Riley Law Building
Stanton and Davenport, booksellers and stationers, 1301 Market St., ca.1890
Stone & Thomas Department Store, 1910s
Stroehmann's Vienna Bakery (2200 Main St.)
El Villa Apartments, 1937
Diamond Music Lounge, ca. 1950

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