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River Traffic Index

River Traffic Index


Articles About River Transportation

Boat Building Flourished Here (from the News Register, 1951).Wheeling's boat building industry (Intelligencer, brief piece from 1960)An account of the river steamer Washington, built in Wheeling in 1816The port of Wheeling in 1879 from Newton's History of the Pan-Handle, 1879A. J. Sweeney & Son, steamboat builders, 1886.River news, Jan. 1888, including a run of the coal fleet.A.M. Phillips & Co., boat builders from 1830's-70's from Newton's History of the Pan-Handle, 1879.Engineer William Page killed on Nail City, 1879Obituary of riverman George H. Peppers, 1879.Mary (Mrs. Gordon) Greene licensed as pilot, 1896Capt. C. W. Batchelor, 1823-1896

Photo Gallery of Boats on the Ohio River

Plus articles about specific boatsFROM THE OHIO COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY COLLECTIONAmerica and Island Belle at Wheeling Wharf, 1920s -- DetailAmerica -- Closeup of AmericaAmerica -- Closeup of towboats in the pictureAmerica, 1920sAmerica, 1920sAmerica -- CloseupAmerica -- CloseupPacket Ben Hur, 1891 Brown Collection.History of the Ben Hur from Intelligencer.Ben Hur runs aground, 1896Ben Hur, Marietta The Bertrand, built in Wheeling; now subject of Museum in Iowa.Bertrand Museum, Desoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge, IASternwheeler Betty WrightCharlie Clarke Ferry Charon, 1920sChesapeake launched 1883Packet Chesapeake Brown CollectionAnother version of the above view of Chesapeake (1880s)Packet City of Wheeling, 1900sPacket City of Wheeling Packet Clerimond, 1907Towboat Collier Towboat Conqueror, 1920sTowboat Conqueror on the OhioConveyorPossibly Conveyor againArticle about the Courier, 1885 Delta Queen at Wheeling, late 50'sDelta Queen, Wheeling Delta Queen, Wheeling Delta Queen, Wheeling Delta Queen, Wheeling Delta Queen, Wheeling Delta Queen Delta Queen at Wheeling M.V. Dixie at SteubenvilleUS Snagboat E. A. Woodruff 1910s-1920? -- Larger imageE.A. Woodruff, 1905Sternwheeler EagleExcursion boat East St. Louis, 1922East St. Louis at Wheeling Wharf, 1922Unidentified excursion boat Towboat Fred Hall Gateway Clipper Ferry George PrinceShowboat Golden RodGordon C. GreeneGordon C. Greene, June 1935Gordon C. Greene, June 1935Gordon C. Greene, June 1935Gordon C. Greene, June 1935Gordon C. Greene, June 1935Gordon C. Greene, June 1935Short story about events on the Gordon C. Greene.Helen E., 1920sHelen E.Postcard showing Helen E. at the WharfExcursion boat Homer Smith.Homer Smith, 1922Packet Hudson, ca. 1900Ironsides, 1900s?Riverboat Ironsides, 1900Island Belle, 1923-27(also, see below under Virginia)Island BelleIsland Belle -- Detail from this pictureIsland BelleIsland Belle and America at the WharfSteamer Jason, Freeport, Pa., 1964 Jewell sunk at MariettaTowboat J. N. Philips, 1960s Towboat J. N. Philips, 1960s Kanawha, 1900s-1916Steamer Geo. W. Kendall, 1849 (newspaper articles)Keystone State, 1900s-1910sKeystone State (postcard)Towboat La Belle, 1922La Belle, 1920sLady Grace of Sewickley Liberty LibertyLiberty at Wheeling, 1930sFirst trip of Lizzie Townsend in 1882Burning of the Lizzie Townsend at Wheeling, 1904.See below under Scioto for information about the LomasThe Louise The Louise Towboat Miami going under Steel Bridge, 1930s?Miami, 1930sMiamiMiamiMiamiMiamiMiltonNatchez Ferry New Era, Wellsburg, WV Sternwheeler Ohio Towboat Patricia BarrettPhaeton and Diurnal race, 1880Bellaire packet Princess in collision with Towboat Beaver,1887Queen City and towboat Steel City (bef. 1933)Queen City Queen City Queen City Queen City and towboat Steel City (bef. 1933)Towboat Red Bird, 1960s? R. J. Armstrong Pleasure Boats Robin D and Claire-E at Marietta Steamer Royal (postcard)Steamer Royal (detail of above)Steamer Royal (probably)S. S. Brown, 1906?S. S. Brown, 1906?St. James Sam Brown Sam Craig, 1930sSamuel Clark, 1930s?Samuel Clark at Wheeling Wharf, 1930s?Samuel Clark and others passing Wheeling -- Closeup of Samuel ClarkSamuel ClarkSinking of the Scioto, July 4, 1882, an excursion turns to tragedy (newpaper articles)More about the SciotoA third article about the incident Pilot of Scioto convicted of manslaughterTowboat Shawnee Sprague, 1900s?Success, an 18th-century sailing ship on exhibit at WheelingSternwheeler Swan Tami Ami, Liberty and unidentified at Wheeling wharf Telegraph No. 2 vs. Hibernia (newspaper article from 1849) Unidentified sternwheeler towboat -- Close-upUnidentified towboat 1960s? Sternwheeler Transporter (1920s?) Transporter after sinking near Cairo, Ill., 1927 "Valiant" with her stacks lowered, 1900Verne Swain at WheelingVerne Swain, 1920sVerne Swain at Wheeling, 1920s -- Larger -- Detail of the pictureMemories of the Verne SwainWreck of the Virginia, 1849Virginia, 1900s (also see above for same boat renamed Island Belle and East St. Louis)Virginia at Wheeling WharfVirginia at Wheeling on maiden voyage, 1896Virginia at WheelingVirginia at Wheeling, ca. 1905Reporting on Virginia's maiden trip up the Ohio, 1895-6More about the Virginia's maiden trip, 1895-6Towboat Virginia at Brilliant, Ohio Centennial Excursion Steamer Washington at Wheeling Wharf, May, 1934Washington, showing extension ruddersSteamer Winfield Scott launched in 1849 (article)

Wheeling Wharf, 1890's (Brown Collection)Wheeling Wharf, 1910sSeveral boats passing the wharfView of the wharfSteamboats on the Ohio River, Wheeling, ca. 1910Coal Fleet Passing Wheeling (1910s)Towboat on the Ohio River (postcard, ca. 1910?Postcard of Riverfront and Wharf, 1900sPostcard of the Wharf, 1910sSteamboats at the Wharf, 1900sWheeling Wharf, 1900sEugene Robinson's Showboat at Wheeling WharfCrockard & Booth Wharf Boat. 1920s?Crockard & Booth Wharf Boat. 1920s?Bellaire Wharf Boat, 1920sMartins Ferry landing, 1922River traffic at Wheeling Wharf, 1930s? Wheeling Wharf, 1935? Wheeling Wharf, 1930's?Towboat under the Ft. Henry Bridge, ca. 1957Towboats photographed in 1958Towboats photographed in 1958Towboats photographed in 1958Towboats photographed in 1958River traffic in 1963River traffic in 1963Pike Island Locks and Dam under constructionPike Island Locks and Dam under constructionPike Island Locks and Dam under constructionPike Island Locks and Dam under constructionPike Island Locks and Dam under construction
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