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Sports in Wheeling: Index


Minor League Baseball in Wheeling

Wheeling Stogies 1925-1934 (Middle Atlantic League); 
1915-1916 (Central League);
1913 (Interstate League);
1903-1912 (Central League);
1901 (Western Association);
1899-1900 (Central League)
Wheeling Nailers 1898 (Ohio State League);
1896-1897 (Interstate League)
Wheeling 1895 (Iron And Oil League)
Wheeling National Citys/Nailers 1888-1890 (Tri-State League)
Wheeling 1887 (Ohio State League)
Wheeling Standard 1877 (League Alliance)

 Famous Wheeling Baseball Players

  • Jack Glasscock
  • Jesse Burkett

Early Newspaper Articles on Wheeling Baseball

The early history of baseball in Wheeling (from 1895)
Newspaper report of a game between Wheeling and Kalamazoo in 1887
What may be a photo of the above game: if the date on the photo is right and the accompanying legend is wrong.
Detail from the above
Even closer detail
Wheeling vs. Pittsburg W.W. Bells, April 30, 1887
Ohio (Tri-State) League schedule for 1888, plus some notes include Jesse Burkett joining pro ball.
Wheeling vs. Warren for the Iron and Oil League Pennant, 1895; Glasscock and Honus Wagner play
Obituary of Jesse Burkett, Wheeling's Baseball Hall of Famer
Various clippings about Burkett
Jesse Burkett in the Wheeling Hall of Fame
Article about him from 1926
1951 Interview with Burkett
National Baseball Hall of Fame home page
Jesse Burkett's page on Hall of Fame web site
Jack Glasscock, another 19th century major-leaguer from Wheeling Island
Clippings about Glasscock -- 1887-1892
Glasscock manages Wheeling team, 1895
Glasscock leaves for St. Paul in 1896; tells story on Jesse Burkett
Leads Western League in batting, 1896
Old baseball card with Glasscock
Another Glasscock baseball card
Gallery of tobacco card images



Wheeling Ironmen



Wheeling Nailers



Wheeling Wheelmen organize a bicycle race, 1886



Pictures of Wheeling Gun Club, 1922


Sports Figures in The Wheeling Hall of Fame

  • Bob Biery, golf pro
  • Everett Brinkman, Wheeling High coach
  • Leland Devore, 1889-1939, All-American football player
  • Jim Foti, basketball coach
  • Russell B. Goodwin, 1893-1968, football star
  • Bernie Mehen, Wheeling High basketball star
  • Bob Roe, football coach
  • Michael J. Valan, founder of Wheeling Ironmen, pro football team

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