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Lantern Manufacturing in Wheeling, 1886

- from The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, September 14, 1886.


Two Important Wheeling Concerns - The "Leader."

Among the Wheeling manufactures the making of lanterns is an interesting and important industry. In the last decade the manufacture of lanterns has made wonderful strides. Of the score or so of concerns in this line which have grown up, one of the leading ones is the Nail City Lantern Company of Wheeling, which manufactures the "Leader" lantern in two sizes. This lantern was formerly called the "Nail City," but its name has been altered. The company has a thoroughly equipped factory on Water street, not far from Fourteenth, the machinery being the most recent and best to be obtained. The facilities have been largely increased this year. It has been in operation about five years, first on Main street, but for some time in the present location. A.W. Paull is the President of the company, Samuel Laughlin Vice-President, and James Paull Secretary.

The "Leader" lantern is the invention of the President of the Company, Mr. Paull, who has letters patent on it. It is one of two double globe lanterns made, and has many perceptible advantages over other designs. This distinguishing feature is a bull's eye on one side which concentrates the rays at any desired point as effectually as the old bull's eye lantern, without, however, leaving any portion of the surrounding in the dark, the remainder of the glove giving out as good a light as ordinary lanterns.

The factory has a productive capacity of 100 dozen lanterns a day, and is pushed to this capacity throughout the lantern "season" of nine months, and there is ready sale for all made. Last year the company never caught up to its orders till the season closed.

The company manufactures everything but the globes direct from the raw material. The globes are made at the Buckeye glass works, at Martin's Ferry. The factory has all the necessary machinery for shaping and joining the top, bottom and guards, and a blacksmith shop and machine shop are attached.

The company employs about 125 people at good wages.


The Ewing & Bill Lantern Company was organized a few years ago to manufacture a new lantern, invented and patented by John H. Ewing, and designated "the Owl." Its factory is located on the Norway Tack Factory premises, and C.J. Rawling is President and Secretary and G.G. Hannan Treasurer. The company was embarrassed by litigation until within a year, but the suits having been ended favorably they are free to push their operation actively. They have a large capacity, and the lantern is a popular one in the market. The company is composed of live and progressive business men.

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