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Augustus Pollack Crown Stogies

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Augustus Pollack Crown Stogies in Wheeling

German immigrant Augustus Pollack established the first "Crown Stogie" factory in Wheeling in 1871. This first factory was located on Water Street.

In 1909, the Pollack Stogie Corporation, already in business on Main Street, built a factory on the block bounded by Chapline, Eoff, 18th and 19 Streets. This company flourished with the production of the Crown Stogie and other cigars. Augustus Pollack, the owner, boasted that he never had labor trouble due to his good relationship with his employees. His employees erected a memorial statue to him following his death. 

In June 1939, the Bloch Brothers Tobacco Co. purchased Augustus Pollack Stogies and incorporated it. The flood of 1938 had caused the Pollack stogie factory on Water Street to close down, which led to Bloch Brothers to purchase them. The Pollack stogies were hand rolled until 1942 when machines were introduced to the area. 

In 1956 the Pollack Stogie building on Eoff Street was purchased by the Ott-Heiskell Co. The name "Ott-Heiskell" is still visible painted on the side of the building. 


▶ 1216 to 1224 Water Street
▶ 1731 Eoff Street 
(corner of 17th and Eoff, Ott-Heiskell Building)


Augustus Pollack Crown Stogies

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