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NEW: 3-D Soldiers' & Sailors' Postcards!

Click HERE to See Animation

Now Available: 3-D, "Lenticular" Postcards of Wheeling's Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument

Limited Edition of 100!

This specially designed card shows the Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument in its historic location on the corner of 16th and Chapline, where it was dedicated in May of 1883. It stood prominently on that corner by the city building for more than 70 years before eventually being placed atop a hill at Wheeling Park in 1958, where it has stood since. 

Turn the card and the background magically changes to a view of the lawn adjacent to West Virginia Independence Hall, the future site planned for the Monument. 

Each card is only $5.00, and proceeds from sales benefit the Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument Fund.

Please help move the Monument to a place of honor for all to enjoy. Email to order yours before they're gone!

Read more about West Virginia's largest and second oldest Civil War monument.

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