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Sanatel Tobacco Co. Chartered, 1899

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▼ Newspaper Article

-from the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, March 16, 1899


Incorporated Yesterday at Charleston which will Build a Large and Modern Factory in this City—One of the Incorporators Talks.

A tobacco manufacturing concern with a paid up capital of $30,000, on a subscribed capital of $300,000 was
chartered yesterday at Charleston by Wheeling and Eastern capitalists. It is to have its principal office
and factory in Wheeling, and is to be known as the Sanatel Tobacco Manufacturing Company. In addition to
manufacturing tobacco, and transacting a general tobacco business, it will manufacture wooden and paper articles.

The stockholders are William H. Frank, Isaac Hirshberg and Charles J. Beekman, of Wheeling; Milton M. Beekman, of Washington, D. C., and Gabriel E. Beekman, of Boston Mass. Each of them holds 1,000 shares, except the last named, who holds 2,000. A capital of $3,000,000 is authorized.

Mr. Charles J. Beekman, one of the incorporators, was seen last night by an Intelligencer reporter. He stated
that the company acquires the stogie manufacturing business now being carried on by Isaac Hirshberg, in the
McLaughlin block, at the corner of Twelfth and Water streets. The company will remain in its present quarters
temporarily, but the capacity of the plant will be more than doubled at once. At present about twenty-five people are employed, and this number is to be increased to seventy. The company is now on the lookout for a suitable piece of ground on which to erect a large and modern stogie factory. Mr. Beekman said it was settled the company would remain in Wheeling.

The new company will invest $30,000 in the business at once and has eastern backing for as much additional
capital as the business may require should it expand as fast as the promoters anticipate.

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