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Owl Print Shop

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Owl Print Shop in Wheeling

Established in November 1913 on Wheeling Island at 133 Zane Street by Glenn D. Simeral, the Owl Print Shop was one of the largest print shops in Wheeling. In addition to creating printed paper materials, the Owl Print Shop sold office furniture and supplies. During the majority of its existence, the Owl Print Shop was located at 917 Market Street. In the year 1919, the shop employed 14 people. By 1928, it had expanded to 25 employees. Noted typographer and publisher Jean Carl Hertzog worked for the shop from May 1922 to June 1923.

For many years, the Owl Print Shop published a small magazine-style publication, Owlprint. Copies of the Owlprint magazine and other material relating to or published by the Owl Print Shop from 1928-1942 are located in the Ohio County Public Library Archives and are available to view by appointment.
▶ View the finding aid for the Owl Print Shop collection

In 1956, the business reorganized under Owl Office Outfitters, Inc. The business was voluntarily terminated in May of 1963. 


▶ 917 Market Street (now demolished)


Owl Print Shop

Additional Resources

▶ Archives: The Owl Print Shop collection, OCPL Archives, non-circulating, viewing by appointment only, call 304-232-0244 or ask at the reference desk. (View finding aid)

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