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Fort Henry Club Opening, December 1890

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▼ Newspaper Article

-from the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, Wednesday, December 24, 1890.


A Very Enjoyable Informal Opening of the Club House Last Night.

The informal opening of the Fort Henry club took place last night. The work of arranging and decorating the building was not quite finished, but the principal rooms and halls were ready for the visitor. Fifty-two members and guests registered on the club register, and a very happy evening was spent. The early part of the evening was devoted to cards and an inspection of the building, and at 11 o'clock dinner was served. Tables were spread in several of the rooms to accommodate the unusual number of guests. The meal was gotten up by the Hotel Windsor kitchen force under the management of Manager Ross and was served in the most elegant style.

The club house has already been described in detail in the Intelligencer. It is certainly elegantly appointed and tastefully furnished. The President, O. C. Dewey, has superintended the work of fitting it up, and much of the credit for the completeness and elegance of the arrangements is due him. The Secretary, Dr. J. E. Belleville, has also done a great deal of hard work in getting the club into motion and the house in readiness, and in him Mr. Dewey found an able coadjutor. Members of the club and ladies whose co-operation was sought also gave valuable aid in the preparations, and the architect of the remodeled building, Mr. E. B. Franzheim, who is likewise a member of the club, has shown his genius not only in the plans he prepared, but as well in the supervision he has given to details.

Taken all in nil, the Fort Henry club is an institution of which Wheeling should be proud, and it will do much to place Wheeling abreast of her larger sisters in the things which show the culture and taste of communities. 

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