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Wheeling Suspension Bridge renovation project, 1999

Wheeling Suspension Bridge renovation project, 1999

Suspension Bridge Renovation

In 1998 and 1999 the Wheeling Suspension Bridge was renovated by the West Virginia Division of Highways. In the course of the project the following material was presented in a slightly different format on the website of District 6 of the Division (it has since been removed from the website):

A Brief history of the Wheeling Suspension BridgeHistory of Repairs to the BridgeSummary of Information about the 1998-99 RenovationEngineer's Progress Report, Spring 1999

Work Photos:

View of the Bridge from Wheeling IslandView Looking East Across the BridgeView Looking West Across the BridgeThe Excavation of the East AnchorageBroken Strands in Anchorage CablesInstallation of Safety NettingRigging of the Safety NettingSuspension Bridge Safety Net (View from under the bridge)Cable Walkway to the TowerExposed CablesGrid Deck Removal BeginsRemoving Concrete from the East End of Bridge

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