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Greenwood Cemetery

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Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood History

Incorporated by Wheeling’s Civil War mayor Andrew J. Sweeney, state founder Archibald W. Campbell, Dr. Eugene A. Hildreth, W. M. List, C. H. Berry, and other prominent citizens, 37.5 acres along the National Road became Greenwood Cemetery in March 1866. Prior to the first interment on July 22, 1866, several bodies had been removed to Greenwood Cemetery from other cemeteries. Greenwood operated as a for-profit business until 1919 when it became a nonprofit corporation, as status it still maintains to this day.

Laid out in a park-like style popular with cemeteries in the mid-19th century, Greenwood was designed by civil engineer James Gilchrist. Stone cottages which can be seen in the photo above flanking either side of the main entrance gate were built to house the cemetery groundskeepers.

Since incorporation in 1866, Greenwood Cemetery’s grounds expanded to nearly 100 acres. More than 37,000 people are now buried in Greenwood Cemetery, many of whom were re-interred from other cemeteries taken that were lost to highways and building projects. 

Greenwood Cemetery is a non-denominational cemetery maintained and operated by the Greenwood Cemetery Association.


 ▶ 1526 National Road, Wheeling, WV 26003


Greenwood Cemetery

 Prominent citizens interred in Greenwood Cemetery

▶ BACHMANN, Carl G 1890-1980 U.S. Congressman  
▶ BECK, Peter Raul 1822-1893 Partner in Reymann brewery  
▶ BERRY,  Leon "Chu"  1908-1941 Tenor jazz saxophonist  
▶ CAMPBELL, Archibald 1833-1899 Leader in the West Virginia statehood movement,
editor and part owner of the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer newspaper
▶ CARLIN,  John  1823-1887 Captain of "Carlin's Battery" during the civil war  
▶ EOFF, Dr. John 1788–1859 Early Wheeling doctor, builder  Eoff Family Momunment in Greenwood Cemetery
▶ FARIS, Frederick 1870–1927 "Dean of Wheeling architects"  
▶ FRANZHEIM, Dr. John 1866-1942 Wheeling Architect  Edward Bates Franzheim Monument in Greenwood Cemetery
▶ FRISSELL, Dr. John 1810–1893 Surgeon and physician  
▶ HOLLIDAY, Gail Hamilton 1872–1969 First female classroom teacher in the state to obtain a doctoral degree  
▶ HAZLETT,  Dr. Robert  1828-1899 Doctor and businessman  
▶ HUBBARD,  Chester  1814-1891 Businessman and politician  
▶ HUBBARD,  Dana  1845-1893 Newspaperman  
▶ LIST, Henry K. 1821–1900 Merchant and banker  Henry K. List Monument in Greenwood Cemetery
▶ LIST,  John  1815-1865 Steamboat captain  
▶ MAXWELL, James 1821–1885 Early Wheeling entrepreneur  James Maxwell Monument in Greenwood Cemetery
▶ NORTON,  Captain George W.  1815-1868 Iron manufacturer, Riverboat captain  
▶ PAXTON,  James W.  1821-18962 Businessman, Leader in West Virginia statehood movement  
▶ PETERSON, William F. 1788-1866 Businessman  
▶ POLLACK, Augustus  1830–1906 Banker and cigarmaker  Pollack Memorial at Greenwood Cemetery
▶ REYMANN,  Anton  1837-1924 Brewer  
▶ ROGERS,  Clara West  1887-1972 Dean of Women at West Liberty State College  
▶ SCHMULBACH, Henry 1844–1915 Brewer  Henry Schmulbach Memorial in Greenwood Cemetery
▶ STEENROD,  Blanche Dunlevy  1872-1939 Editor of the Pot Pourri page in the Wheeling News-Register  
▶ STIFEL,  George E.  1849-1931 Founder of Stifel & Company  
▶ SWEENY,  Andrew J.  1827-1893 Civil War Colonel,
Early Wheeling mayor
▶ SWEENY,  Michael  1809-1875 Co-founder of Sweeney Glass Company  
▶ STEBER, Eleanor 1914-1990 New York Metropolitan Opera soprano singer  
▶ THOMAS, Jacob C. 1822–1898 Founder, Stone & Thomas department store Jacob C. Thomas Memorial at Greenwood Cemetery
▶ WELLS,  Edgar W.  1850-1890 Architect  
▶ WHITE,  Robert  1833-1915 Attorney General of West Virginia  
▶ WILKENSON,  Edith Lake  1850-1890 Artist  

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