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History of Organizations and Government Agencies

History of Organizations and Government Agencies



List of the Mayors of WheelingCity Government in 1886Laws and Ordinance of the City of Wheeling, 1891Celebrating the Centennial of City Government, 1895 -- Image of the articleHealth Dept. Officials and Employees, 1913Hill Top Farm, endorsed by Health Dept.Description of garbage collection 1913Horse-drawn garbage wagons, 1913Incinerator, 1913Inside the incinerator, 1913Water Works, ca. 1905Postcard of Waterworks, 1910sWheeling Fire DepartmentWheeling Fire Department, 1944History of Olgebay ParkThe CCC Camp at OglebayOld Ladies' Home (Altenheim) in 1900's


History and Pictures of The Children's Home of Wheeling


Two newspaper clippings from 1807 about the Wheeling Library CompanyWheeling Library Association formed, 1859Wheeling Library Association, 1867Wheeling Library Association Stock CertificateWheeling Library Assocation, 1880More on the library from 1880Wheeling Public Library established, 1882Education, Churches and the Library, 1886Postcard of the Library, 1910sLibrary, 1911Another picture of the library from 1911Postcard postmarked 1911Stack Room, Library, 1911Reading Room, 1911Etta Roberts, Library Director, Wheeling Public Library and (later) Ohio County Public Library, 1910-1938 Exterior of the library, ca. 1950Violinist Earl Summers performs at the library, 1950sOhio County Public Library, mid-50sInterior of the library, 1950sMain desk of the library, 1950sMiss Virginia Ebeling, librarian, 1950sBeverly Hand, clerk, and Virginia Ebeling, director, 1950sLibrary meeting room, 1950sReference DepartmentTeens in the library, 1950sVisiting class, 1950sNancy Matthews with St. Alphonsus studentsPhotographer W.C. Brown donates photograph collection,1950At the Future site of OCPL, 1970Ohio County Public Library at the time of its opening, 1973Ribbon Cutting ceremony, opening OCPL, May 10, 1973


The Press in 1886


Early years of the YWCAYWCA BuildingYWCA BuildingYMCA Building, ca. 1900 -- former Maxwell residenceYMCA Building, 1910YMCA BuildingYMCACarroll Club, 1300 Chapline St.Carroll Club, ca. 1905Convention of Grand Order of Odd Fellows (African-American Odd Fellows), 1912Elks Home, 1903Elks Home ca. 1905Elks Home, ca. 1910Elks build a new building, 1931Ft. Henry Club, ca. 1910Fort Henry Club, ca. 1905Odd Fellows Hall, ca. 1905Pythian Temple, 1896 (2700 Chapline St.) -- about it's constructionThe Pythian Temple (or Castle) in 1987 just before its demolitionLabor Temple, 1935African American Pythians construct headquartersPythian Building (African-American Pythians), 2010Pythian Building (African-American Pythians), 2010Pythian Building (African-American Pythians), 2010Pythian Building (African-American Pythians), 2010Pythian Building Cornerstone, 2010Scottish Rite Cathedral, ca. 1915

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