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Art Work of Wheeling, West Virginia

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▼ Art Work of Wheeling, West Virginia [1904]

    ▶ 84 images from the portfolio series published by the Gravure Illustration Company of Chicago, 1904
       ▼ View images below.

Artwork of Wheeling, West Virginia: Cover

"Art Work of Wheeling, West Virginia" was issued in nine 16 page paperbound parts (34 x 27.5 cm) in a portfolio by the Gravure Illustration Company of Chicago in 1904. Each page contains one or two photographs. In addition to the images reproduced here, there were a number of rural landscapes that were omitted in the interest of time, and a page or two in each part on the history of the area. The photographer(s) responsible for these pictures is not identified.

The image to the left is the cover of part 9 in the series.

The "Art Work of Wheeling, West Virginia" portfoilio collection is part of the OCPL's Archives and Special Collections. The physical collection is available for viewing by appointment only. 

Art Work of Wheeling, 1904

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