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Photo from the Brown Collection


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Postcard of Wheeling


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1888 Map of Wheeling


Newspapers are available on microfilm in the library. Selected dates are also available online.
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Image from Wheeling Illustrated, 1889


➤ Wheeling Illustrated [1889]
➤ Art Work of Wheeling [1904]
Image from Wheeling Illustrated, 1889


Elizabeth K. Wingerter Scrapbook
Wheeling - Historic Outpost of the Central West
Souvenir Album of Wheeling, 1883
➤ Souvenir of Wheeling, 1885
➤ Album of Wheeling, W. Va., 1888
➤ Souvenir of Wheeling, 1905 
➤ Souvenir History of Wheeling, 1906
➤ Souvenir of Wheeling, 1915 
 Suspension Bridge Image, Souvenir of Wheeling, 1885
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  ➤ Archiving Wheeling 
Archiving Wheeling is an online community designed to showcase the local and regional history collections of the Ohio County Public Library and its heritage partners. The website features stories and images about the contents of each partner’s archival and special collections, building bridges to Wheeling's past.
The mission of Archiving Wheeling is to virtually connect these collections, providing a web-based community archive to facilitate access, by researchers and the general public, to materials that document the rich history of our region. It is hoped that greater public awareness of what is available will encourage people to consider donating important archival materials to the appropriate local organization so that these historically significant materials can be properly preserved, housed and accessed locally, where they originated and where they belong.
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