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Jane Dinsmore Slater Nursing Collection

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Jane Dinsmore Slater Nursing Collection

About this collection:

➤  Jane Grace Dinsmore was born on July 25, 1943 to parents Harry and Maxine Dinsmore. She grew up in North Wheeling with her brother, Frank, and graduated in 1961 from Wheeling High School. After graduation she enrolled at Ohio Valley General Hospital (OVGH) School of Nursing. The program trained students to be able to attend to most departments within a hospital. Jane graduated in 1964 and was hired directly onto staff at OVGH where she was assigned to 3 West as a floor nurse. A year prior to her marriage she transferred from being a floor nurse to the emergency department. She married her husband Anthony Ward Slater on November 27, 1971, who she remained married to until his death in 1980. In 1973 she gave birth to her only daughter Elizabeth who she raised as a single parent after 1980. She retired from nursing in 2011 after 47 years in the field. She spent the latter part of her life socializing and traveling. She died on the 30th of November 2020 at the age of 77.

The collection consists of books, papers, and artifacts relating to the nursing career of Jane Dinsmore Slater at the Ohio Valley General Hospital (later Ohio Valley Medical Center.) The collection also includes a small number of items from Wheeling High School and Mt. DeChantal Visitation Academy.

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Selected photographs from this collection:

Jane Slater Nursing Collection

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