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West Virginia Militia, 4th Regiment records, 1862-1864

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West Virginia Militia, 4th Regiment Records

About this collection:

➤The collection contains the regimental records and order book of the 4th Regiment of the Virginia Militia from May 5, 1863 to June 22, 1863, during which time the militia was called up to defend against the Jones-Imoden Raid. It was during this period that the state of West Virginia officially joined the union on June 20, 1863. According to the West Virginia State Archives, “the service of state militia and home guard companies on behalf of the Union forces is one of the more obscure aspects of West Virginia’s Civil War history. These units, variously known as militia, home guards, minute men, or scouts, performed valuable services guarding Union property and fighting guerilla forces. Being in the service was sometimes ‘very arduous and dangerous,’ according to Adjutant General Francis Peirpoint.

A.J. Sweeney, who had served as Wheeling’s mayor at the outbreak of the war, but became Colonel of the 4th Regiment of Virginia Militia in 1863, recorded the events in the order book. The collection also includes additional records and orders from 1862 to 1864; including a military order from the Commonwealth of Virginia, which names James B. Moore First Lieutenant, Adjutant of the 4th Regiment of the 24th Brigade and 3rd Division of the Virginia Militia, signed by Francis Pierpont. Also included is a copy of a General Order (written on letterhead from “The State of West Virginia”), which shows orders to organize the 1st Brigade of the West Virginia Militia, also signed by Pierpont.

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