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Archives: 1888 Flood Photos

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▼ 1888 Flood Photos

    ▶ 1888 Flood Photos consist 5 photographs from the Flood Photograph Collection
    ▶ Read more about the Flood Photograph Collection
   ▶ Learn more about the 1888 Flash Flood in Wheeling

1888 Flash Flood

▼ About the Flood Photograph Collection

The OCPL Archives Flood Photograph Collection consists of approximately 160 photographs of floods in the Wheeling area. The bulk of the collection consists of pictures of the 1907 and 1913 floods. Also included are floods of 1884, 1888, 1936 and a few undated images. Photographs are by J.L. Kimmins (1888), C.C. Kline (1907 and 1913), and Harry Briese (1936). Also included is documentation of the C.C. Kline materials. [1 lin. ft. in 2 boxes.]

The Flood Photograph Collection is part of the OCPL's Archives and Special Collections. The physical collection is available for viewing by appointment only. 

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