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Jesse Burkett... Roller Skating!

Jesse Burkett... Roller Skating!

Jesse Burkett



Burkett and Faulkenstine at the Capitol Tuesday Night

It will be remembered that when Jesse Burkett, of this city, and Chris Faulkenstine, of McKeesport, raced at the Capitol [line obliterated by a scratch in the film] draw on account of a foul, and ordered to be skated over again. This race was witnessed by a large crowd, and was the most exciting contest on the rolls ever witnessed in a Wheeling rink. Twice in two laps did each pass the other, and on Burkett's third effort to get ahead it was claimed that he fouled Faulkenstine. Hence the second trial.

The race will be three miles, strength away. Both of the boys are on their metal, and each will do his best to win. It is evident that they are evenly matched. To avoid the possibility of a foul, it is probable that the contestants will be started on opposite sides of the rink. As before, a large crowd of Pittsburgh and McKeesport people will be present. Such an interest is being manifested in the second trial, which has been set for Thursday night next, at the the Capitol rink, as was never felt in any similar event here before.

-- Intelligencer Jan. 5, 1886, [p. 4]


By Falkenstein at the Capitol Rink, in a 3 Mile Dash.

The race on rollers between Jesse Burkett, better known as the champion fast skater of this city, and Chris Falkenstein, a McKeesport pet, was won easily by the latter. The race was for a purse of $100 a side and was the result of a race skated at the same place between these two lads last week in which there was claimed, together with the race, by Falkenstein, but was not allowed by the referee, who decided that the race must be skated over again, and to which Falkenstein agreed.

There was a tremendous crowd on hand to witness last night's race, as there was to see the race last week. The floor was cleared at 9 o'clock and the course prepared. Frank Healey was referee. Ed. Clator Falkenstein's judge, and C. N. Taylor looked after Burkett's interests. A new departure was made in starting the men. They were started from the center of the rink, and on opposite sides. This gave each man an equal advantage and gave very little chance for fouling. Burkett scored badly and was evidently worried. Falky was cool as an iceberg. At last they got off together, Falky skating easily and Burkett going at the work before him pell-mell. For two miles he gained steadily on Falky and was close to him when the second mile was closed. It could be seen that Burkett was getting pumped, and when Falky commenced to let out after him it was plain to see who was to be winner. on the sixth lap of the third mile Burkett almost stopped and complained of cramps. He kept going slowly and once made spurt, but it was no use, and the McKeesport boy took the race. Both are about the same build and age.

--Intelligencer, Jan. 8, 1886 [p. 4]


[. . . ]

Burkett beat Shuttleworth at the Alhambra Palace rink last night, taking the first two heats. Shuttleworth claimed a foul on the first heat, but it was not allowed.

--Intelligencer, Feb. 12, 1886 [p. 4]

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