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1907 Flood Index

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The Ohio River Flood of 1907 in Wheeling

 Date: March 15th, 1907  High water mark: 50.1 ft     (14.1 ft over flood stage)

The 1907 flood was one of the worst floods Wheeling suffered. It crested at 50.1 feet making it the fifth highest on record. It is well-documented, especially in pictures. Nicoll's Art Store in Wheeling saw an opportunity: according to their advertisement, "Our Camera Experts were active and caught everything worth seeing; much that is worth preserving." What appears to be proofs of some of the postcards produced are in our collection. The library also is blessed with a collection of beautiful large format photographs of the flood by Charles C. Kline (who was probably one of, or the, photographer for Nicoll's Art Store).


1907 Flood

Newspaper Articles

 ▶ "42 Feet or Over...," Intelligencer front page story, Thursday, March 14
 ▶ "47 or 48 Feet Here To-day," Intelligencer front page story, Friday, March 15
 ▶  Back page storiesIntelligencer, Friday, March 15
 ▶ "River Is Yielding Up Its Dead," Wheeling Daily News, Saturday, March 16.
 ▶ "The City of Scene of Desolation," Wheeling Daily News, Saturday, March 16.
 ▶ "Thrilling Were Scenes," Wheeling Daily News, Saturday, March 16.
 ▶  An editorial about getting the news out during the flood and the consequences of deforestationWheeling Daily News, Saturday, March 16, Special Flood Edition.

Additional Resources

▶ Vertical File: Wheeling Flood of 1907, Wheeling Room, non-circulating, ask for access at the reference desk.
▶ Binder: Wheeling Floods, Wheeling Room, non-circulating, ask for access at the reference desk.
▶ Archival Collection: Flood Photographs [1884-1936], OCPL Archives, non-circulating, appointment must be made to view collection.

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