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First Church of Christ Scientist Dedicates New Auditorium, April 4th, 1926

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-From the Wheeling Intelligencer, Monday, April 5th, 1926:


The first services in the main auditorium of the new church of the First Church of Christ Scientist, were conducted yesterday morning beginning at eleven o’clock. Evening services also were held at eight o’clock. Heretofore the Sunday school room of the new and spacious edifice was used for the church.

The local church was organized in 1906 and has had a steady and rapid growth since that time. The new structure located at Fourteenth and Jacob streets was designed by E. [sic - C.] Edward Wolfe, of Sandusky, Ohio.

A special feature of the main auditorium is the lighting which is of the indirect type, providing an abundance of soft, mellow light.

On entering the main auditorium, on is struck by the appeal of restful harmony, which seems to pervade the architectural design, and by the quiet yet rich decorative motive. The eight large windows, four on each side are of simple design, but their colorful beauty grows upon you. Thibes gray and ivory underlie the color scheme of the walls and ceiling, the dome however, providing an opportunity for bringing out a beautiful touch of rich pastelle coloring in the Byzantine mosaic, which was designed and examined by Mr. Francis V. Boyce. The woodwork and pews are done in walnut, the floor coverings are in taupe. Through the generosity of a friend of the church, the church will enjoy a pipe organ which has been pronounced by one of the leading organists of this city as an instrument of beautiful tone quality, filling the room with its diapason tones, or lending a sweet and soothing effect with its harp and celeste combinations.

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