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Arts & Crafts


Arts & Crafts

➤Singer Sew Machine

This machine kit includes a Singer brand sewing machine, a power cord with a foot pedal, a carrying case of thread with pre-wound matching bobbins, multiple presser feet, a darning plate, extra needles, and instructions in a carrying case.



loom icon➤Pot Holder Loom Kit

This kit contains a loom, 3 weaving tools, rubber bands, 108 loops (colors and materials vary), and an instruction sheet.



➤Crochet Kit

This crochet kit contains a rollout fabric carrying case, a laminated instructional card, 14 hooks in various sizes, locking stitch markers, fabric needles, measuring tape, a knitting gauge ruler, and yarn (color, weight, and amount will vary).


knitting icon➤Straight Knitting Kit

This straight knitting kit contains a laminated "Learning to Knit" guide, 12 sets of needles in various sizes, fabric needles, cable needles, needle caps, locking stitch markers, and yarn (color, weight, and amount will vary).



circle kitting icon➤Circular Knitting Set

This circular knitting kit contains a set of double-pointed needles in US Size 10, 13 sets of interchangeable needles in sizes 2-15, needle cables, tightening tools, end caps, needle caps, locking stitch markers, a knitting gauge ruler, and a copy of "Circular Knitting" DIY book.


➤Yarn Winding Set

This yarn winding kit contains a ball winder to wind any type of yarn into a neat ball and a yarn swift to prevent the yarn from tangling while you wind it. 

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