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Seed Library

seed library banner

The OCPL Seed Library is a part of our Library of Things collection.

A Seed Library is a community-based method of saving and sharing seeds. We collect seed donations from patrons, local gardeners, and national seed groups and store them here at the library! These seed packets are free for patrons to take home and grow in the hopes that, at the end of the growing season, a portion of the newest crop of seeds will be harvested and  "returned" to the library as a donation.

The Seed Library here at OCPL encourages the tradition of seed saving, nurtures locally adapted plant varieties, and fosters a community of sharing. The Seed Library focuses on:

  • Establishing, growing, and curating a depository of seeds available to all Ohio County Public Library cardholders at no cost.
  • Providing information, instruction, and education about sustainable gardening.

The library hosts bi-annual seed swaps, one in March just before growing season and one in October just after harvest season. Keep an eye on our calendar to learn when the next swap is!






Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the point of a seed library?

 Our goal is to help cut down on the commercialization of seeds in the US, encourage biodiversity, and make seeds and plants available to everyone in Wheeling! After a few seasons, this will result in our building a local stock of seeds that are naturally adapted to the local microclimate!

Where is the seed library located?

 The seed library is located on the main floor of the library next to the Library of Things and in the same section as the magazine collection and the newspapers.

How many seeds can I check out?

 You may take up to ten (10) seed packets per year, including no more than two (2) packets of any one variety and three (3) packets per visit, though these limits may be subject to change as the Seed Library expands. Please visit our staff members at the circulation desk to fill out a Seed Library form so we know how many packets you are taking. We like to know that our programs are being used!

If I take seeds out, do I have to donate seeds later?

 No, there is no obligation to donate seeds. (Though we hope you will!)

How do I donate seeds?

We will take seed donations year-round! We will accept donations of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds from commercial seed companies, seed banks, individuals, and other local, partner organizations with a shared interest in seed collection.

Donated seeds must be from open-pollinated, non-genetically modified, non-hybrid, and/or heirloom plants. They must not be listed as an invasive species by the WV Division of Natural Resources.

You may bring seeds that are dry, ready to plant, and in sealed containers to the Circulation Desk!  Donated seeds must include the following information: common name, variety, year and location of harvest, seed-saving technique, pollination information, and any other pertinent notes you may have.

How can I know what seeds are currently available?

 Seeds will not be cataloged, so you will need to come in person to see what we have! Seeds will differ depending on the time of year and what has been donated.


Have more questions or want to get involved with the Seed Library? Send an email to [email protected] or call (304)232-0244 and ask for Julia!

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