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Having issues with any of these items or need to know how to set them up?
Visit the information page here!

hotspot icon➤Wi-Fi Hotspots

With Verizon™ wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi Hot-Spots will improve internet connectivity for library patrons and area residents. This includes areas where internet is not currently available, in parks or other public areas, or is not accessible to cost.



roku adapter icon➤ROKU TV Adapters

Roku™ Adapters plug into the USB port on the back of any TV and instantly upgrade it to a smart TV! All of our Roku sticks come pre-loaded with Hulu, Disney+, ESPN, Apple TV, and HBO Max subscriptions, and one Roku stick has an additional subscription to Netflix. 



portable dvd player➤Portable DVD Player

This portable dvd player features a high resolution, 15.6" screen and has up to 6 hours of playback battery power. Supports CD, DVD, DVD ±R, CD -R(RW), SVCD -R(RW), DVD ±RW, and VCD.



dvd player icon➤Blu-ray DVD Player

Sony Blu-ray player that comes with a power source cord, an HDMI cord, a remote,  and instructions. The built-in Wi-Fi also allows users to stream wirelessly from smartphones and tablets.


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Please take a moment to fill out a short survey at the link below about the new Library of Things collection. Responses regarding what items you would like to see in the library of things will help staff build the best collection possible to serve patrons and the community!

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If you have any questions regarding the new Library of Things collection, please feel free to call the Ohio County Public Library at 304-232-0244 or email us at [email protected]

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